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Thursday, January 28, 2010

State Of The Union President Barack Obama

What do you think about what the President Of The United States had to say in the State Of The Union address to the people of America? This is the full address so be prepared it is about an hour long...

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gotspunk said...

I am so proud to have Barack Obama as President of my country! He's the first President in my lifetime of thirty years that I believe thinks of 'the people' first! Hey that's us you know! This nation was created FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE and he really seems to me to be more in touch with what our founding fathers wanted for us as citizens of the United States, and our founding fathers were the least corrupted, sadly, it's only gotten worse and more power has went to government that should remain with the people. Back then, the people really did have the power, and I for years have been feeling like we are loosing it. Loosing it slowly over time...with bans on this and bans on that...here and there, over and over, this growing taking of civil liberties is making America less and less of a Democracy. For the first time, I feel like President Obama has put some of that power back in the people, and that is a feeling I really love, patriotism! I want to help make America a better place, and you should too! Lack of getting involved is why our government is getting too much power in too many areas! You can help by staying involved in local issues and vote! And please research and gain an informed opinion before you vote or stand up for one side or the other. And dont' vote for ANYTHING that violates our civil liberties, or takes away our rights, or puts majority opinion into place as policies for everyone, with no minority representation! Even if you don't agree people (such as the smoking bans everywhere, or the saggy pants ban in Michigan, so many others) vote no, and let the people decide for themselves. Let public pressure and free market do what it does, and keep the government rules and regulations out of it! I always say, as an obese person, someday it may get bad enough that I won't be allowed to go somewhere or do something because of my weight and the majority raise a fit, causing policies against obese people. I already go to diners that aren't required to have places I can sit comfortably, or toilets that are so small I can barely turn to get the tp. I have some friends that have to go to the bar next door! Better yet, I went to IOWA state fair one year and I couldn't fit on a single ride! Pretty soon they will get tired of hearing the complaints and make a weight limit or a tester seat to get in. It's possible people! Get involved!