A collection of every weekly address from President Barack Obama along with photos and commentary.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Barack Obama Weekly Address 12/24/08

President elect Barack Obama talks about our troops abroad and the hard times that have fell upon so many Americans this Christmas...

The Number One Issue On Change.gov

The American people have spoken, on the Internet at least, and this is what they have to say...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Obama's Weekly Address 12/20/08

It is nice for a change to hear a person of power talking about science, it seems like the last administration didn't give a damn about what thousands of scientists where screaming at us for the past 8 years. What a change this will be if Scientists are making the important decisions in Washington instead of lobbyist. I never thought this day would come to tell you the truth. So far Barack Obama is doing a better job that Bush without even setting foot in the White House...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Barack Obama's Weekly Address 12/13/08

Barack Obama talks about the mortgage industry and the problems that have spread throughout America. 1 in 10 families are in distress in America, more than at any time in our history! This crisis is unlike any other we have ever seen, but I think that it bring out a huge opportunity to make this country a better, cleaner, more efficient place to live. President Elect Barack Obama also appointed Shawn Donovan as the head of the HUD department.

What do you think about Obama's pick and what he had to say this week?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Your Seat At The Table

You can tell even before Barack Obama is officially sworn in as President that his term will be much different than any that came before. He is actually give the American people a voice through the power of the Internet. Watch this video below to learn a little more about his plan or visit Change.gov to have your say!

What do you think about this radical change is how our government governs? Will it work?

Barack Obama Weekly Address 12-6-08

President Elect Barack Obama talks about the recent report that showed the economy lost about a half a million jobs in just a single month! He does have a plan to rebuild infrastructure, helping schools and developing a better energy policy...

What do you think about what President Elect Barack Obama had to say? Do you think that his plan can work?